I am usually the guy hiding behind the camera. Too shy to use my voice unless I know the subject completely and too awkward to socialize well. I speak with images, sometimes with words, and I escape into books. I am lively and animated with people I know, but quiet and reserved with those I do not.
I write here about everything I am interested in. I also occasionally vent a bit about things I don’t like. This is not my job it is just a place for me to share.
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I am perpetually online thanks to the technology I carry.
I tend to have a lot of hobbies, including reading and buying books. I also play a lot of games.
Most of the games I like are role playing games. Fantasy or science fiction based does not matter to me, as long as it keeps me interested. Since my boredom threshold is pretty low this can often be a challenge.
Lately I have been getting into World of Warcraft since my brother has been playing for a while and it gives me a chance to play together even though we live far apart.
I occasionally play games on my iPhone and on my PS3.


  1. Brian M September 10, 2013 12:52 pm  Reply

    Hey Josh, I’m hoping this is the right one. I stumbled across you on Facebook and decided to check your website. My name is Brian Morgan and I went to NDSS with you (Mr. Hopkins Industrial Physics was fun…H.E.L. on wheels?). I just wanted to say hello, nice to see you!

    • oldbookhunter September 19, 2013 7:32 am  Reply

      Yep. Right one. I do remember that. Good times. Had lots of fun in that class.

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