The Great Airport Mystery


This is volume 9 in the original Hardy Boys series. The boys are investigating some missing parts from shipments that have mysteriously disappeared during delivery flights. Not only do they have a large gang of bad guys to track down and arrest, but they have a creepy ghost that haunts the radios used by pilots in the area.
It is kind of funny in spots, and it has the typical low violence, easy win story of these older teen mystery novels. One thing I’ve always wondered though is how Frank and Joe aren’t drooling vegetables (no offense intended to people that are) by the time they hit 20. Hockey and football players get hit in the head less than these guys, not to mention the regular inhaling of knockout gas can’t be good for the brain cells either. Not that I’m complaining since that is the extent of the violence in the books and no one really dies in them either. I just wish I had heads as hard as these guys and have the grey matter to come up with the solutions before the bad guys get away.

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