Steal the Dragon


This is kind of a continuation of her original book Masques. It deals with different characters and a different story but it does have some overlapping characters and references events from that story. It clearly happens after the events in the first book. This particular world is pretty interesting and I wouldn’t mind if Patricia Briggs wrote more stories from this world.
There were a few moments of anger as a reader though. I know it’s just a story but some events described can happen (and probably have happened similarly) in real life so it was a little upsetting. The story dealt a great deal with slavery as the main character ends up spying as a slave and was originally a slave the escaped. She has to deal with a great deal all in the efforts of ending slavery. I like that it ends right, but at the same time I was reminded too much of this world and how awful imperfect humans have been and can still be.

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