ESO Dark Brotherhood Update

I started playing Elder Scrolls Online again after I heard there was going to be a new update that sounded interesting. I have been away from the game for a while and I needed something interesting to bring me back.
I am not a hardcore gamer; I am a more casual one. When ESO went buy to play from sub only it was awesome since I could pick it up when I felt like playing. I went in from time to time: leveled my riding skills, did daily stuff, switched out researching when needed, that sort of thing. The 10% bonuses for having a sub really didn’t seem to make much difference when the veteran levels that I had my characters at required 1 million xp to get so 10% was a drop in the bucket. The bonuses from that were not significant enough either to make me want to grind dungeons or quests all day.
The last expansion I had played was the Wrothgar map which was an interesting concept. It is basically all coop group play. Although you could probably do some of it solo if you are high enough, most of it requires a group to do it. Unfortunately that requires good friends that play the game the same time as you, or really good guilds that have people that will go with you; two things I have been unable to have. After that update I didn’t really feel like playing much since everything seemed so out of reach for me.
Since I was a little bored, I decided to start playing after learning about Dark Brotherhood DLC coming out. The assassin line doesn’t really appeal to me, but the other updates did.
With a previous update, the game added a Champion Point system which gave additional bonuses to all of your characters provided you got at least one character over level 50. I used this a lot when I was leveling my characters since if something got too tough with one character, I just started playing another until I got enough champion points to boost the other ones. It was all I could do since most of my game play was solo but it worked well.
The major parts of the update I was interested in was first that the veteran rank system was being replaced by the Champion Points system, and second that they were introducing an account wide craft bag if you had a subscription.
The craft bag was an awesome idea. I had to run 5 characters with 3 of them being crafters for different things since I needed the space for all the materials. Even with spending horrendous amounts of gold on space increases I still had to dump all materials from one character to another just to be able to level them. It was a bit of a pain. Craft bag was an awesome solution since it freed the space in my bank and backpack for other drop items. Since using it I have found it amazing. I spent 4 hours on a harvesting run and barely used 10% of my available backpack space on my character.
Is it worth the cost of the subscription to have the craft bag? That is a bit of a tough question. For most that have been playing the game all this time the answer is yes. These are the ones that have been playing pvp and pve, ran dungeons, had lots of friends to play with, and now have one or more max level characters. For me though I am still unsure, and that is due to the second thing they introduced which is a conversion to the Champion Point system.
The veteran rank system was pretty uniform. You had 16 levels, and each required 1 million xp. That means that to reach maximum level you have to get 16,000,000 xp past the amount you need to get to veteran rank 1. Getting to vr1 is relatively easy since I was able to get there just by doing all of the main faction quests and side story quest lines like the Mages’ Guild and Fighters’ Guild. The switch from veteran rank to Champion Points meant that you would get approximately 10 Champion Points in the same general space as one veteran rank. This means a lot more bonuses within the same stretch of leveling. Seemed like an awesome change, although you don’t need a subscription for this and again only a 10% bonus for xp gain.
Where I became disheartened at the update is that with changing this, they also adjusted the levels required for the base questing locations. Your main faction areas are fine since that is still the level 1-50 but now where you would have been vr4 is now a c130 area. If it have been the 10:1 ration it would have been a c40 area, but now if (like me) you were a vr4 in a vr4 spot you will suddenly find yourself in a c130 area dying horribly. No amount of Champion Points will save you from that. To make matters worse, even though they changed the level of the quests and mobs in the area, they did not change the material nodes for the area. This means that even if you get to a c150 area which is just shy of maximum level you will still only be getting c40 harvesting nodes. I used to be able to take my time questing and getting mats, then making some armour and continuing. Can’t do that any more.
In fact I basically have one unplayable character now because of it. I am trying my hardest to make it work, but it just seems so out of reach. And because this is the character that has the most storage space, I don’t see how a sub is worth it if I have to park the character anyway. I can’t delete and start over with the character either since I spent real money making the character into an awesome crafter and storage character. I just cannot seem to justify spending $14 a month or so if I have already done the same thing and I can play basically until the end of time for free.
Of course as usual I am probably the minority so my voice will go unheard and ignored so this is more of a venting session than anything. If you start playing the game now you may enjoy it just fine.

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