Rainmeter Personal Hub 1.0.0

I was playing with Rainmeter recently and having a lot of fun with it. I like the idea of a circular clock so I downloaded xClock by yalishy (yalishy@gmail.com). I don’t have a link back to the original but in finding a better way of doing things for myself I kind of went overboard and created a hub for information based on the original design. It still has the general starting look of the original, but I added a bunch of features I like and improved the code a lot so I am claiming it as my own.
This features a set of rotating images that rotate with the time as well as a round graph clock and a text clock in the middle. The text clock and hour colour change based on the time of day. From 3-11 am it will be yellow, 12-4pm it will be green, 5-9 pm it will be blue, and 10pm-2am it will be red. This was mostly since I tend to stay in my basement “lair” working a lot so it gave me a sense of time change beyond just the ticking of the clock.
This also includes a CPU graph, physical memory graph, and network traffic indicators. The physical memory graph is in the middle of the clock with the time which I plan to change in future. The CPU graph is in the upper right hand side of the skin. It is based on 4 cores so you may have to adjust it a little for your system. The network graph rotates around the upper and lower parts of the skin with download at the top and upload at the bottom. Current bandwidth speed is on the right hand side. The network graph features an expanding scale so the graph will change over time. The faster the maximum steady speed, the larger the upper limit on the graph is so the graph will always look like it is moving. I found that my usual network use didn’t actually make the graph move much and what is the point of having something that moves around on your desktop if it doesn’t look like it is doing anything. The numbers on the left hand side are the current network graph limits.
I am currently going to revise it a little and put in disk space monitoring but I also don’t want it to look too cluttered as well so I may end up removing the network monitor to separate graphs. I am thinking that I would like to see the network speeds over time rather than a current speed with max limits. I don’t know how to do that yet, but I will be having some fun figuring it out.

Hub 1.0.0
Rainmeter Hub 1.0.0

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