Minecraft cheating

I have been playing around with Minecraft again lately. Mostly this was because I decided to set up my own server since my brother in law likes to play it and I had some servers I was not using.
I activated the administration controls which are called cheats if you are setting up a local game. It seems a bit like cheating when I do it so I try not to abuse my power on the server, but at the same time the commands come in handy when you are just playing around a bit or you just died by falling in lava and you really don’t want to have to remake that amazing pickaxe you spent 3 weeks trying to make.
There are a few things that make life a lot easier for me so I thought I would make some tools to be able to do it better. Since I did not want to just keep this stuff to myself I also put them on the site. You can find the list of things I found useful here.
The main one is this one I was using was making beacons to help with mining. Having Haste II and Speed II are awesome when you are mining, and having Jump Boost II is awesome to make quick escape from mob sections with fences. My brother in law even made his entire house open without any doors just by putting a Jump Boost II beacon in the middle and having all the doorways have fences. This doesn’t go into working with beacons so you will have to research that yourself, but I found when I was mining things out I wanted to go really fast but having to make beacons by hand and then digging them out to the sky was a big pain. So I set up a tool to quickly use the /fill command to make a beacon and free it to the sky.
The second thing I did was discover how wonderful glowstone blocks are with lighting and keeping the mobs at bay. I found that placing them a few blocks apart in a row meant that you could light above and below the levels you are at without any difficulty. Placing them manually is all well and good, but I wanted to place a bunch of them in a row and then just keep digging so I developed this to calculate a bunch of fill commands so I did not have to place them. I can just copy and paste the commands into chat and instant lighting for mining in a strip.
These methods only work for the Java based version of Minecraft but they work well. Feel free to play around with them in your own world. Have fun mining!

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