New/Old Town

It has been a while since I have written in my blog. It has been a very busy time for me and I really have not been able to find time for much especially my blog. It is kind of tough to put a priority on something that in the back of your mind you feel that no one cares about it but you. 

I got very burnt out so I decided that a life altering event was needed. Since nothing seemed to be happening for me, I decided to do something for myself. My brother and his family were wanting to get out of their tiny apartment so I decided that now was the time to move back to where I think of as my home town: Napanee, Ontario. 

We found a place to move in to relatively quickly, and they moved here at the end of November. I stayed in Mississauga until the end of December for work. It worked out well until the owners decided they could not afford the house we were renting anymore and wanted to sell. Personally I think it was a ploy by the owners but I don’t really know for sure. The experience we have had with them has proven them to be very dishonest. At any rate though — after a great deal of stress and anxiety mind you — we eventually owned the house. We paid a little more than what it was worth only because we saw its potential to be more than what we paid. We have plans for a few renovations to make it more comfortable for us, and raise the value in the process. Of course with me being out of work it is probably going to take a while. 

One of the biggest dilemmas for me in all of this has been what to do for work. Reporting to Walmart Canada had burnt me out completely. I did not realize how badly until I started to think about my job situation. I have some savings and a little manageable debt I can rely on for a little bit but when that runs out I need to do something. Everything I thought of though left me feeling a little sick. The only thing that kept me feeling myself was the few things around the house and that got me the idea of what I should do next. I certainly did not feel like doing a lot with computers since I seem to be attributing that work to what had burnt me out. It was the people that I worked for (or at least a good portion of who I worked with) that were the issue I know, but it is kind of difficult to compartmentalize sometimes. 

I have dabbled in woodworking before and have worked odd jobs that were construction related. I was always a little slow for construction work since every person I worked for wanted things fast and I am more meticulous than they wanted. Woodworking on the other hand — and I mean hand worked products and custom jobs — require the level of meticulousness that I seem to have. So that is what I decided to try. I know it will take me a bit to make it a success, but I think that it will work out. My brother is helping out quite a bit too so I’m sure something good will come out of it. 

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