A series of changes

I have been rearranging my hosting and other online services to Webnames.ca. I do not have anything against Dreamhost since they are pretty cheap as far as services go, but I wanted to go with a Canadian company and they seemed the cheapest and more reliable company out there. On the surface it should look like nothing has changed from this site’s perspective except that I have also changed what my primary URL is to a .ca address. The .com URL will now just redirect to the .ca so everything should be seamless for the most part. Mind you this is the first time I’ve done something like this so I may end up having to deal with a few bugs.
Other than that not much has changed. I’ve been playing the Elder Scrolls Online Beta but I’m not really into it yet since I will probably lose any work I did anyway and the characters I made are just disposable ones I did to test out the game. I’m still relatively excited for the real game since there are some parts of the game I’m holding off on trying until the official one comes out. I’m really hoping that other people have tested those parts out though but at the same time I’m kind of worried that because me being just a casual gamer that the parts I don’t try out will be tailored only to the hard core gamer. I can understand if they want it to be a little more difficult, since let’s face it, not every MMORPG that comes out has to be WoW, but at least target a little lower bar than the elite gamer. I’m happy that my experience in the process has been rather positive overall even if I have been disappointed initially by the process.
I am happy to say the ESO Beta this weekend is far superior to the one I played a couple of weeks ago. It is much more polished and gives me the feeling that they are going to be ready for the launch. With some experience with development process I do sympathize with them but my marketing background takes over from time to time, and doing massive invites on a significantly inferior product is just bad for encouraging your customers. I’m glad that they turned it around.

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