Minecraft and Elder Scrolls Online

It has been pretty crazy for me lately with work and everything else, but I thought I might write about some interesting games I’m trying out.

I think I’ve played everything I want to play on WoW so I’m probably not going to keep playing it. I was really upset by the forced mixed PVP/PVE setup WoW has where if you accidentally target someone in a crowd of people that is PVP flagged while trying for a boss or just because you accidentally hit a button, you will be flagged for PVP. If you are like me and don’t do PVP at all, you will probably end up dying because people with PVP flags generally have themselves outfitted for it. Then you either have to wait 5 minutes dead while the PVP flag wears off you, or go back to where your body is and die again because the person will keep attacking you if you spawn in the same spot. Even worse if there is a group of people that like to PVP you will have a mob of people all trying to kill you, and they may even run to the nearest graveyard just in case you decide to spawn at the graveyard and take a major stats hit making it even easier to kill you. So either way if the only reason you were playing that time was to hunt the boss level creature, just shut your computer off and call it a night because it is not happening. Yes, this is from personal experience and it ruined my enjoyment of WoW, so when my subscription is up in June I will probably not renew. I may not even go on at all before then. I’ve tried everything that I want to try with the game, and it doesn’t look like any of the new content will keep me interested in the game, but then again I don’t think I’m the kind of gamer that they are really targeting.

I’ve been getting interested in Minecraft recently. I know I’m a bit behind since it has been out for a really long time, but I’ve been more interested in console gaming and I didn’t really see the point of Minecraft for the longest time since I didn’t see that there was anything that you accomplish with it besides bragging rights and posting a video of what you did on YouTube. I got the PS3 console version for my nephew when my brother and his family came to visit and then kind of got hooked on it. For something that looks like it was designed for kids it is a lot of fun.

I also tried out the Elder Scrolls Online beta this weekend and I have mixed feelings on it. I was really hoping my experience would be better since the release is in a month. I would not say my experience was bad, but I did find that it was not as polished as I would expect from a game that is about to be released in a month and that people who preordered like myself can start playing earlier than that. Apparently my video card is also significantly under-spec’d for the settings I had for it too, so I either have to play it with a tiny window on my screen or I have to upgrade my computer. It seems like a decent excuse to upgrade to me but it will take quite a bit to save up for something better than what I’ve got because my system is not a low end system to begin with. I’m looking at minimum $3,000 for a possible upgrade to what I have, so yeah it will be a while.

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