An End To All Things Quest Stuck

I got stuck on a quest in World of Warcraft and since I could not find helpful advice, I decided to post what worked for me.
First of all, I just want to vent on a few things I found in searching for this. There are a lot of moronic trolls who just seem to go around insulting people looking for help on things. For this I say go crawl under the rock you came from.
OK, so now that I got that out of my system, I was working on the quest “An End To All Thinks…” in the Death Knight storyline. It took me a while to figure out mostly because I have a habit of not reading the instructions. I finally figured out you just had to run around the ground firing blasts at the catapults, and then use the other “eat a guy” move to grab up a guy and take wings to the sky again. This will rejuvenate health and the blaster power so you can basically keep doing it indefinitely.
Anyway, I figured it out and was all pleased with myself for completing it that I forgot the return point was at the base camp Death’s Breach, not at the Ebon Hold. Unfortunately a weird glitch is that if you hop off the Frostbrood Vanquisher in Ebon Hold, you can’t always hop a rid on the Scourge Gryphons down to Death’s Reach.
What worked for me is, I opened up my backpack and used my Hearthstone. I know this sounds strange since when you hover over it, it will tell you that it will return you to The Ebon Hold, and you are currently in the Ebon Hold. Regardless, it returns you to the hold, and then you can use a Scourge Gryphon to go to Death’s Breach.
I know it is a strange thing, but it works.

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