Rogue Angel: Magic Lantern


I almost think they could run out of ideas with this series, but they never seem to. I suppose with all the legends and strange stories told throughout history there is enough to keep the series going for a while in that regard. It is just the complexity of the stories, the mystery and hints about history that draws me in. I think in is also the reluctant heroine who is tied to events beyond her control but who faces them because she can, not because she has to.
In a few ways the stories remind me of the Tomb Raider/Witchblade comic series but only a few similarities link it them. The ongoing storyline of the recurring characters is fun to speculate about as you learn more information about them even if it is very little.
The stories do make me wish I had the patience to have tried archeology as my career although not from the adventures aspect. I like solving mysteries with very little information to go on and digging (sometimes literally) for clues lost in the stream of time. Gathering knowledge and retaining it, as well as piecing things together has always been a bit of a gift and I think it would have been right up my alley. How much is real though and how much is far fetched with regard to archeology is something I still need to learn.

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