Hunting Ground

by Patricia Briggs
This is a continuation of the Alpha and Omega series from Patricia Briggs. It follows Anna Latham Cornick an Omega werewolf, and Charles Cornick (husband to Anna now) an enforcer werewolf for the North American leader of werewolves.
I’m kind of split on my feelings for this book, and the direction the series is going. I mean I like that the series deals with overcoming a past filled with abuse, but at the same time I felt that it had way more allusions to sex and sexual encounters than necessary, in some cases describing in vague terms the encounters. Granted it is between a married couple but still a little too much for me to consider this just an urban fantasy book and not a borderline romance novel. Just my opinion on that though so if you like that sort of thing it would be a great book for you.
I like the characters of Anna and Charles though. They are both fragile and strong at the same time but for different reasons. Charles who is supposed to be this very dominant male has always pushed others away because of the job that he is required to do but is secretly very concerned with how others really perceive him, while Anna who at first is delicate because of the abuse she has had to deal with is strong willed but small things that remind her of the trauma she has dealt with make her want to curl up into a corner. The complete each other not because they are the same, but they are similar and they each have what the other needs.
It is a very romantic story, but it does have twists and turns and action to keep you interested even if you do not like the romance portions.

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