The Hob’s Bargain

Interesting worlds and characters that captivate you is why I have become a fan of Patricia Briggs’ novels. As a reader you follow the characters as they grow and learn about their world along with them. A touch of romance doesn’t hurt either.
As in most fantasy stories, magic is all around the world in this book, but it is exploited for death and destruction while magics that promote life are sealed away and prevented from being used. A catastrophic event causes a combination of things to occur, upsetting the odd balance that had been in place for so long.
I loved the story. It was different I think from some of the fantasy stories I have read, and certainly different than most action books. The bad guys are not the ones you think they are, and throughout the story the lines between opposing forces become blurred. As the story progresses, you see that the enemies at first are not faceless evil entities, but lives.
I also liked some of the parallels between this fantasy world’s troubles and some of the stuff we deal with every day. I think writers have to relate the imaginary world of stories to the real one to a certain extent in order for the reader to escape into that world. If there was nothing to relate to, words are just characters on a page, not a living breathing world with fantastic creatures and colourful characters.

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