When Demons Walk


I love this series although I don’t know if it can really be called a series. It is the same world as Patricia Briggs’ other books Masques, Wolfsbane, and Steal the Dragon. The difference in this series is except for Masques and Wolfsbane there are only hints to the other stories and very little to get an idea of time within the world. Even the characters are not really related closely except for a few relationships here and there. The ties between stories are not major points along the story so each tale stands on its own independent from the others.
The mystery of the book really appeals to me. There is so much going on but despite the copious explaining done regarding magic the characters that do not understand or believe in magic, a lot of details are unknown to the characters regarding the cause or solution to the mystery. Some authors reveal from the main characters explaining their knowledge what the plot line will be, but the author here forces the character to learn slowly and gain the knowledge over time. The main characters are always admitting they have no idea what is going on most of the time until they finally have all the pieces they need from the supporting characters.
There are a few other things I liked about the story but if I talk about ten they would spoil the story. I liked it at any rate.

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