Tom Swift and his Triphibian Atomicar


There is nothing like an over the top science fiction book. Coming up with crazy inventions at the drop of a hat, flying cars, atomic powered everything. Today we panic because of atomic power going bad but these stories portray radiation as nothing serious. Explosions that don’t kill but might knock someone out.
This story was a bit dark though in spots. It seems even darker considering this series was being written around the same time and targeting a similar audience as The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. You would not find Frank or Joe Hardy threatening to hand the bad guy over to a group of men described as sharpening their knives at the prospect of gutting the bad guy.
Overall though it is a decent read. Lots of strange stuff happening and a lot of the action and technology is left a little vague so the reader can translate well. It is tough to imagine how a person reading this in the 60’s would have interpreted it.
The only real thing that doesn’t translate well is the atomic power. They throw its use around like it is AA batteries in this time with no thought to consequences except the occasional mention of radiation.

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