Trinity Universe

Trinity Universe

A really fun game that is difficult to get bored with once you get into it. It is kind of difficult to get into it though.

This is probably an old game for some, and admittedly it is an old game for me as well, but I have just started seriously playing it recently.

I originally picked it up because it was a used game and it was pretty cheap. When I first played it I did not think much of it. The story telling aspect of it is pretty weak compared to modern RPG’s. It kind of reminds me of the dating sims they talk about on anime shows except that instead of flags to advance the story, there are entire dungeons that you can potentially miss that eliminate possible story lines. While the animation is anime style, it is very basic. Each person talking has a dialogue that also shows on the screen, but you have to click to advance past what each person says. You can fast forward through which means you do not have to click but then you miss what they say.

After I played it a bit more though I found the game had a depth to it I did not realize. There is so many things that you can do in the game to enhance your characters, not just fighting monsters. Additionally there are multiple ways of getting most items in that you can sometimes find them in dungeons, sometimes buy them in shops, and in all cases build them in some manner. Just when I thought I had it figured out, more possibilities showed up which added more complexity, more things to figure out and calculate. It is not just a button mashing game where you just keep attacking monsters until you can advance, although it is one aspect of the game.

The biggest issue I have with it is how difficult it is to get interested in the game. It starts out slow with the storyline and gameplay intermixed with tutorials on how the game works. Before you get used to one aspect, a new thing comes up which completely throws you off. If it were in a game that had a compelling storyline and intense game play it might have been good, but with the cardboard cutout anime and cheesy dialogue it does not hit you as a well polished game.

Still, the intricacy of the game play eventually gets you if you stick with it, and the immense possibilities of enhancing the characters has an analytical mind like mine racing trying to find the fastest route to their maximum potential. Add to that the fact that the first story you play through is not the real story and that you have to play through a few different stories to find the right one and you get a game that seems to never get boring or stale.

Something you may find useful if you are going to play this is the Trinity Universe Wiki. It has an extensive collection of data on the game and a few tips and strategies that you might find useful.

The Verdict


The Good: Simple, fun with interesting story. A lot of different aspects of the game in order to continue to keep it interesting. Hard time being bored with it with different things that can be done.

The Bad: Takes a while to get used to playing the game and a little confusing at times. A lot of information to learn in order to get full enjoyment out of game. Story telling parts end up getting really boring with all the clicking you have to do.

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