This is a great game for an older RPG. The new porting to PSP/PS Vita is definitely a good purchase whether you played the game before or whether you have not seen it before.

This is a really old game, but I recently discovered it on PSN and was able to play it on my PS Vita. I am obsessed with RPGs and this one is definitely one that I can keep playing for a while. According to Wikipedia this was originally released for Sega Saturn, but I only ever remember the release to the PlayStation platform.

I did not have a video game console at the time it was originally released so I never played it then but after discovering it on PSN and finding that I could play it on PS Vita I figured I would give it a try. I was not disappointed.

The music is what hit me the most about the game especially the theme song. I have since been looking all over for a source for the sound track but sadly I have not found it yet. The music fits well with the underlying story theme.

The story is excellent so far, although admittedly I only just started the second disk.

As a side note, I am playing on the PS Vita, but everything seems to work the same as with the original PS. Since the large game (for CD days) required 2 disks, you actually have to switch disks electronically on the PS Vita. There is no physical disk, you just reset the game and choose a disk to start. It stays on that disk until you reset again and choose a different disk. I have to say that Sony really did their homework on the PS Vita.

You meet a lot of characters in the game, and not all of them stay with you throughout. Sadly just as you get used to having some characters around they decide to leave. On the other hand some characters are really annoying so you are happy when they leave. This does mean that you have to be balanced in building your characters and not relying on just one character for all of a particular skill.

The one thing I like in this game over other RPGs like Final Fantasy is that the monsters you fight do not spawn until you exit the level you are on end re-enter. This means that you can take out the monsters and take your time searching for treasure. It also means that you can know where you have not been on a level because there will not be monsters where you have been.

The graphics are what you would expect from a game made in the late 1990’s. Not amazing even on the small screen of the PS Vita. They are not unpleasant, just extremely pixelated compared to modern games. Definitely not 1080p HD. Still, as long as you are just into it for the nostalgia of the game, the story, or the skill of building your characters, this game is definitely worth the price.

The Verdict


The Good: Nice simple game play. Excellent game music. Variety of ways to play the game to keep you interested. Lots of resources online if you are stuck.

The Bad: Really old game so the graphics are poor by today’s standards. Cannot skip through dialogue if you want to restart the game or a particular level. Downloading on PSN means no included manual and there is no training sections to the game.

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